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We guide our clients through the process of securing lucrative federal contracts. Let Coherent Contracts take the stress out of proposals.

Have you spent precious time and money trying to submit competitive proposals for federal jobs, only to be turned down? Do you want to provide excellent service or products to the US Government, but nothing seems to be working? You need an expert to help you navigate the complicated systems in place for federal contractors. Coherent Contracts provides insights and invaluable expertise to simplify the proposal process.

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Expert contract management

If your staff is inexperienced or lacks the support they need to pursue a solicitation or craft a high-quality proposal of any kind, count on our proven experts to fill the gap.

Hands-on support

Have you hired a consultant who wasn't worth what you paid? Coherent Contracts provides tangible value throughout the entire process.

A proven record

Coherent Contracts is directly responsible for millions of dollars of contracts awarded to businesses for all kinds of government contracts, especially those in the defense sector.

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Meet Oscar Womack, Jr.

Since his Air Force career began, numerous organizations have recognized Oscar Womack as outstanding in his field, including the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the National Contract Management Association (NCMA). With his proven track record, Oscar strives to connect exceptional companies to the government so both parties can benefit.

Oscar and the Coherent Contracts team have the knowledge, experience, and skill to improve any bid or proposal for a federal government contract. They leverage their experience so your company can have a successful business relationship with the United States Government.

If you want your competitive proposals in the hands of key industry and federal decision markers, contact Coherent Contracts today.


“Five years from today, you will be like the people you choose to associate with.” - Earl Nightingale

I have found this quote to be true in my life, and I make every effort to surround myself with people of great character: people who are caring, honest, dependable, intelligent, knowledgeable who operate with a sense of urgency. Oscar Womack is every one of those traits and more. He runs Coherent Contracts in the same manner. You won’t find a better man or a better company.

Jack Werner, Owner
A to Z Inspections

As the founder of a non-profit business ethics organization, working with leaders who had earned positive reputations throughout our state was important. For that reason, we were thrilled when Oscar Womack agreed to serve as a director on our board. While working with Oscar, he consistently epitomized integrity through his candid direction and thoughtful input. Impressed with his honesty, I personally trusted Oscar’s advice regarding an opportunity with a federal entity.  He provided wise counsel, bringing to bear his extensive knowledge of compliance requirements balanced with well-rounded business insights.

Shannon Warren
Women’s Diversity Initiative of Oklahoma

Oscar is a consummate professional with vast experience and knowledge in details of FAR, DFARS, and Department of Defense acquisition and procurement procedures and regulations. Oscar is an outstanding writer and communicator with an unquestionable work ethic. Oscar reviewed all the government flow-down requirements and proposal instructions to provide timely input for generating the proposal response and to review the proposal incrementally and in final form to ensure compliance with all the requirements. With Oscar’s experience and CMC certification, discerning clients can be assured Coherent Contracts will provide thorough, accurate, and value-added input to help businesses navigate the complex regulations of federal contracting. Coherent Contracts helped my company to ensure full compliance with all applicable requirements and to posture our proposal response to maximize our competitive position. I highly recommend Coherent Contracts without any hesitation whatsoever.

Mike Ridgway, Director of Operations
Frontier Electronic Systems Corp

Coherent Contracts is an excellent resource for companies trying to win government contracts. Submitting proposals for government contracts can seem overwhelming, but Oscar’s no-nonsense approach to proposal development has helped companies win contracts. He doesn’t waste time and helps you stay on track to develop a responsive, well-written proposal, improving your chances for success. He is an excellent instructor whose real-life experience makes all the difference.

Judy Warren, CPCM, CPP, CCAS
Tribal Government Institute

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