You should have an experienced certified management consultant.

Coherent Contracts, LLC is the expert in Federal Contracts and management consulting.

In Oklahoma City, there are a number of opportunities to secure a Federal Contract with the Armed Forces.
You need to do it correctly the first time. You need a proven, experienced consultant. The opportunities are available but you need Oscar Womack, Jr.'s expertise to negotiate the government maze of requirements for a proposal and contract.

So how do you, the client, know you are getting someone who knows what they are doing?

The CMC® designation is the Gold Standard that executives should take into account when selecting a management consultant. Recognized in 46 nations across the globe including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, China, and many others, CMCs are recognized as experts in their profession.

The CMC® indicates that the holder has achieved the highest standards of excellence and ethical practices as a professional consultant.

Less than 1% of all consultants worldwide have achieved this level of excellence.

With 30 years experience in the solicitation, development, and management of Federal Government contracts, Coherent Contracts, LLC provides:

  • Expert contracts management support;
  • Consulting services in response to Federal Government solicitations;
  • Contracts for numerous industries;
  • Hands-on contracts management support and counsel;
  • Competitive past performance profile.

Use My Insider Knowledge To Win Your Next Defense Contract

Whether you’re pursuing your first defense contract or your fifteenth, you’ll benefit from my experience as a top military procurement officer and as the contracts director for an award-winning Armed Forces vendor.