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T. McDonald Construction

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T. McDonald Construction pored over the notes it had taken during the contracting officer’s post-award debriefing after not being awarded yet another Government contract.

The company was working hard in preparing proposals, but it was not getting anywhere near the competitive range during the Government’s source selection stage.  T. McDonald Construction needed to do something different, something more effective.

The company sought the professional contracts management services of Coherent Contracts, LLC. T. McDonald Construction already had a presence as a highly reliable Government subcontractor.

As a first step to becoming a first-time prime contractor to the Government, Coherent Contracts held an extended “current status” meeting with the company’s contracts manager and vice president.

During this session, recent past proposals were analyzed, post-award debriefing notes were screened, and probing questions were posed to these two company managers. Company expectations/commitments were sought and matched against company capabilities. Then strategies were developed to package these capabilities as potential benefits to the specific Government customer.

Owing to the tremendous importance of past performance, a portfolio of current and former customer reference documentation was compiled. Additionally, Coherent Contracts taught T. McDonald Construction how to ensure past performance feedback is collected throughout a contract’s performance period, not just when required as part of a competitive solicitation. We also provided the company invaluable on-site training during the preparation of its proposals.

The ultimate goal was to create a competitive, custom-tailored proposal which correlated precisely to the Government’s evaluation criteria and other requirements in the solicitation while, at the same time, portraying the unique “personality” of the company and the benefits it provides.

This is the commitment of Coherent Contracts to all our clients—a competitive, custom-tailored proposal.  A proposal that is interesting and credible and therefore one that will be read carefully by Government’s source selection personnel.

In the case of T. McDonald Construction, such a proposal resulted in them winning two multi-million dollar construction contracts.


JK Janitorial Services

Getting certified by the Small Business Administration as an 8(a) firm is challenging. However, JK Janitorial Services had met this challenge and obtained the much desired 8(a) certification for their small company.  The real challenge, the company would soon discover, was how to leverage that certification into actual Government contracts.

Custodial services are relatively fungible making it critical for JK Janitorial Services to provide some distinguishing benefit to the Government procurement community.

With more than two million square feet of client property in Oklahoma City to service, JK Janitorial Services has proven capability.  An analysis of its core strengths revealed a company that deploys and executes a strong work ethic throughout its employee team stemming from its “no excuses”, customer-focused Korean-American owner.

It also sustains a significantly low personnel turnover rate, underscoring its respect and concern for its employees.  All of this results in “customer delight” first-person customer references which reflect its excellent past performance record.

Furthermore, JK Janitorial Services consistently uses “green” cleaning processes and is quickly working its way into certification as an ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standard-Green Building (CIMS-GB) company.

After being retained as “counsel” on all matters dealing with the procurement and administration of Government contracts, Coherent Contracts developed a long-term procurement strategy wrapped around JK Janitorial Services’s core strengths and its CIMS-GB processes.  The strategy focuses less on the advantages of the company’s 8(a) certification and more on the company’s key customer benefits.

JK Janitorial Services is now increasing its competitive profile among various Government procurement agencies by the focused, custom-tailored proposals it now submits. It’s not just any custodial services company. Its story and benefits stand out from the others, making its proposals both more compelling and more beneficial to the Government customer.
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